Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sewing Room Desk

I needed some desk space in my sewing room... not much... just a little space for my lap top, a place to collect mail and receipts, stash random cords (sewing machine connectors, phone chargers, etc)and keep bits of info I needed to find later.  I have several bookcases in my sewing room that hold fabric, pattern books and project bins.  My hubby cut me a shelf that was a little deeper than the existing shelves and I positioned it about the same height as my sewing table.
I put some in wooden desk organizers for papers and file folders just below the shelf as well as a basket for cords, chargers, and sewing machine computer related items.  I took a scrap of foam board, covered it with cute fabric and ribbon to make a bulletin board that fills the space behind the shelf.  It's kind of hard to see here but I also put a pieces of wood painted white on either side of the bulletin board to hold the shelf tight.  (so it wouldn't flip forward if I leaned on it)

I covered a box with the same cute button fabric I used on the bulletin board to temporarily hold  receipts and other miscellaneous papers that I need to save for my business.  I have a tendency to lose those things when my shopping bags "hit" my sewing room.  This is a quick place to stuff them until I can sort them out properly, file them and get them entered into my computer. 
I've been using this set up for a couple of months now and it works great.  I can find all my receipts, cords,  and other stuff I used to waste a bunch of time hunting for.  Yoo-hoo!