Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Fabric Cutting Island

Over the years my sewing room has expanded and evolved without much of an overall plan.  Recently I emptied the entire space(Ugh!) to have the old carpeting replaced with laminate flooring.   I took that opportunity to rearrange just a bit and make some much needed improvements . 

I got rid of my old folding table with pieces of plastic pipe on the legs and “stuff” piled underneath and replaced it with a cabinet .

I purchased a finished kitchen cabinet from Home Depot.  It has one drawer and is finished on both sides.

My cousin, Dave, made me a top that fits over it and stays in place with braces shown.  It is slightly larger than  my Olfa cutting mat and has enough overhang so I don’t bump my toes on the sides or back of the cabinet. 

Dave also added a back to the cabinet made from the same material as the top.  (I painted it white to match the rest of the cabinet surface using left over paint from  my kitchen cupboards.)  The rail, hooks and container are from Ikea.  I used Command Hooks on one side for hanging my large square ruler.

My hubby installed shelves in the lower section and I used plastic containers as drawer dividers.  If you’re like me I've accumulated lots of marking, pinning, and other odd small tools over the years.  This gave me opportunity to “round them all up”, sort though them and finally put them someplace where I can find them easily.

We put felt glides on the bottom.  Since my  sewing room is small I can move it easily to gain full use of my design wall, or get into closets, book cases and fabric storage. 

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