Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tension Rod Storage

My cutting table, ironing board, and sewing table are always littered with scissors, cutters, TV remotes and bits and pieces of "stuff" I'm planning to put away.  I really needed handy access to often used tools and a place to corral all those little things I plan to put away later.  I saw some clever posts in Pinterest that used curtain tension rods under the bathroom sink to store cleaning supplies.  Here's how the idea and being lucky enough to have an Ikea within driving distance inspired me.

I found these inexpensive containers with a lip that just fits over a curtain tension rod. 
My sewing machine is in front of a window.  I put a tension rod in the window and used the containers I found at Ikea.  Now I have places for scissors, seam rippers, spools of thread, sewing machine oil... you get the idea.
I put another tension rod in front of my books in the bookcase.  I added containers for cutters, pencils, and small rulers keeping my cutting surface free from clutter and making my tools easier to find.  They aren't buried under fabric and pattern pieces any more.  
Not lucky enough to have access to Ikea?  Pinterest has several pins with instructions for making hanging storage containers using curtain rods and even embroidery hoops.  I just used an s-hook through the screw mechanism on the embroidery hoop to hang it over the curtain rod.  I encourage you to get a nice cup of tea, a comfy chair and spend a little time surfing Pinterest for your own inspiration.

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