Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Undiscovered Storage

I can always use more storage.  I have items I seldom use, but... when I need them, I need them... so I don't want to get rid of them. Ii have bulky stuff... sewing machine cases, pressing hams, I also have jars of beads and other small craft items.  My solution was to: GO UP!
This is the space above the door into my sewing room.  My hubby added a deep shelf for me just above the door and it's a perfect place to store my sewing machine covers and cases as well as pressing hams.  I don't need them often so the fact that I need to get a stool to get them down isn't a problem.
Putting a shelf the length of the wall about a foot down from the ceiling gave me space to store all the odd things I need "once in a while"... jars of wooden beads, pearls, instructional tapes and DVDs, bias tape makers... etc.  Note:  The shelf is level it looks weird because my ceiling is vaulted.  The measurement is from the lowest part of my ceiling.  (See my iron cord?)  I mentioned in an earlier post that hooking my cord up high keeps it out of the way.)
I have a bunch of mat "thingies"... a white slippery one with a hole in the middle for machine quilting; a couple that are sticky on both sides; some applique pressing sheets;  Store them under your the mat on your cutting table.  They stay flat and they're easy to find.  This smart tip came from my sister, Marilyn.  Thanks, Mare!
I have a bunch of rolls of stuff... chalkboard cloth, vinyl, screening, headliner, etc.  A simple five gallon bucket keeps them collected and it fits easily in the corner of my closet.

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